In This new project, Jerome Klein works on an array of contrasts in a minimalist setting, slipping into a misty mood of melancholy and dark tones.

In this almost pure setting, his music surprises with loud splinters of light, explosion of energy and even frenetic extasy when the musicians let their passion take over. Although he has given many hints,Jerome Klein will keep the surprise for his live performance


Rhodes, Piano, Keyboards / Jerome Klein
Vibraphone, Bass / Pol Belardi
Drums / Niels Engel




News & Updates



KLEIN - Into the woods LIVE @ Like a Jazz Machine Festival


Premiere of a very exiting new project of Antoine Pierre on September 15 at Marni Jazz Festival!

Antoine Pierre: Drums

Veronika Harska: Voice

Ben van Gelder: Sax

Lorenzo Di Maio: Guitar

Jerome Klein: Keyboards & Bass



KLEIN. live @ Like a Jazz Machine is still streaming on Arte Concerts


The new Album of Igor Gehenot Delta feat. Alex Tassel is out! 

Here's the very first Video of its single Sleepless Night.

JK Portrait-1.jpg

Upcoming Concerts

MAR 07 WED '18 KLEIN with ANDREA BELFI @ Rotondes                            Luxembourg, LU

MAR 17 SAT '18 Pol Belardi's Force                                           Marne-la-vallée, FR

MAR 22 THU '18 KLEIN @ Springbreak / The BOX                                 Luxembourg, LU

MAR 24 SAT '18 Pol Belardi's Force @ Philharmonie                            Luxembourg, LU

APR 06 FRI '18 KLEIN @ Talinn Music Week                                     Talinn, EST

APR 17 TUE '18 Marc Mangen Elektra Quartet                                   Luxembourg, LU

APR 21 SAT '18 Igor Gehenot Delta                                            Mouscron, BE

MAY 11 FRI '18 Pol Belardi's Force                                           Berlin, DE

MAY 18 FRI '18 Pol Belardi's Force @ Sibiu Jazz Festival                     Sibiu, RO

MAY 19 SAT '18 Dillendub @ Koll an Aktioun                                   Martelange, LU

MAY 20 SUN '18 KLEIN @ Oben Air Festival                                     DE

MAY 27 SUN '18 Chrystel Wautier Stolen Book @ Jazz Weekend                   Brussels, BE

JUN 17 SUN '18 J-B Berger Persuasive Music                                   Hermonville, FR

JUN 18 MON '18 J-B Berger Persuasive Music                                   Paris, FR

JUN 20 TUE '18 J-B Berger Persuasive Music                                   Luxembourg, LU

JUN 30 SAT '18 Them Lights @ Siren's Call Festival                           Luxembourg, LU

JUL 06 FRI '18 Igor Gehenot "Delta" @ Ghent Jazz Festival                    Ghent, BE

AUG 11 SAT '18 Pol Belardi's Force @ Gaume Jazz Festival                     Rossignol, BE

AUG 11 SAT '18 Igor Gehenot Delta @ Gaume Jazz Festival                      Rossignol, BE




Here is a collection of some Albums in which Jerome Klein appears as sideman or co-leader.

If you're interested in purchasing any of these albums, please leave a message in the COMMENT section.


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